#077: 2016 Reflections

As another year ends, spend some time reflecting on what went well and what could be better.   Francie and Rae share their thoughts on the year through their races and some experiments they learned from.  Happy 2017?

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#075: Ready for Christmas?

Everyone you meet over the next week will ask, "so are you ready for Christmas?"  Francie and Rae answer a resounding no to that question and share what ready looks like for them.  They share how they prioritize and get all those really important things done, like enjoying the kid's Christmas concert.  

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#055: Keep Calm It's Kid's Sports

We all can certainly get caught up in the excitement of watching our kids play sports, play the trumpet in band or win in a chess tournament (where shouting out is discouraged!).  Join Francie and Rae as they share stories of overzealous coaches and parents.  And how not to be one of those!

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#047: Fit it all In

If part of your day includes fitting in that workout, Francie and Rae have a show for you.  Join them as they discuss the mental part of fitting in your workout between running kids to sports, appointments and work.   

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#044: Feedback Rules

Can't find your Fitbit? Gah! Must...know...steps... Whether it's the good kind or the bad kind, feedback rules! We like our lives comfortable, thank you very much. So when feedback makes things uncomfortable, it's time to channel your inner Agile Bettys. Join them for a lively conversation on learning from feedback. 

#043: Ahead of Your Time

Ever try to get ahead in your spring gardening only to be crushed by Mother Nature?  We know, we've tried to plant outside too soon and then get hit with a monster snow storm.  Join Francie and Rae as they share training and gardening stories where it seemed like a good idea to get ahead, only to find that it was wasted effort.

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#041: Sport Parent 2016

When your kid joins a sport, club or the school choir, as parent you too become part of the team.  There are concession stands to work at, tickets to be sold and soccer field lines to be painted.  Francie and Rae share stories of their work as part of the team and how to involve the new parents!

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